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We are a team of emoji enthusiasts, dedicated to creating a vast and dynamic emoji library. Our collection not only features an extensive range of emojis but also offers unique insights into their usage and meanings.

Why are we doing this?

Our goal is to enhance your digital communication experience by providing a deeper understanding of the world of emojis and symbols.

Every month, over a million wonderful individuals like you visit SymbolPlanet, drawn to our rich and engaging emoji resources.

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Founder & Editor

Emily Rose McKinley

Hi👋, I am Emily Rose McKinley

A Boston-based archaeologist ⛏️ recognized for my work in interpreting ancient symbols. I’ve dedicated years to studying various cultures around the globe 🌎 understanding the importance of symbols in human communication.

My passion for symbols, combined with my tech-savvy nature, has guided me into becoming an expert 😎 in the digital world of emojis. I bring my unique blend of historical and modern symbolic understanding to the Symbols and Emojis.

When not deeply involved with ancient texts or the digital world, I love to spend my time with my German Shepherd, Max 🦮.

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Tiny Team

Meet the ‘Tiny Team’ at SymbolPlanet, a close-knit trio dedicated to unraveling the world of emojis. On the left, we have Alex, whose sharp analytical skills are as bright as his smile. He’s the tech wizard, always on the pulse of the latest digital trends, which he skillfully decodes into user-friendly insights. His knack for technology brings depth to the team’s research, ensuring SymbolPlanet stays ahead of the curve.

Beside me stands Jim, on the right, with a keen eye for cultural nuances. Jim’s contribution is vital, as he bridges the gap between diverse symbol interpretations and their meanings across different cultures. His background in anthropology and his infectious enthusiasm for understanding the global language of emojis make him an indispensable part of the team.

Together with Alex’s tech-savviness and Jim’s cultural expertise, we are the ‘Tiny Team’—not by our size, but by the close and personal approach we take. We’re more than just colleagues; we’re good friends, each of us bringing a unique perspective to SymbolPlanet, collaborating to deliver the most comprehensive emoji insights on the web.

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